Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Vacuum Cleaner Parts and basic trouble shooting

Vacuum cleaner parts vary a great deal according to the type of vacuum. There are several different types of vacuum cleaners on the market ranging from very expensive to extremely cheap. There are upright vacuum cleaners and canister vacuums. There are bagged and bag-less, shop vacuums and central vacuums.

The vacuums that we will talk about here are the upright bag-less. Standing in the vacuum cleaner parts section of any hardware store can be somewhat confusing. There are different belts and bags and filters for every type. Most brands have numbers written on the unit itself to coincide with a number on the various vacuum parts for that unit all you have to do is match the numbers.

If your vacuum has little or no suction there are a few steps you can take to trouble shoot the problem and decide which vacuum parts you need to fix it. The first place that I usually start is with the hose. Any upright vacuum has to have a hose running from the bottom of the vacuum where dust and dirt first enter up to the canister where the dirt ends up. If this hose gets clogged by any number of things such as dust balls, paper or any number of things, you will lose suction. I have found a metal coat hanger useful for removing clogs from hoses.

Another problem which might arise and cause loss of suction is with the filter. If the filter is clogged the suction will be diminished. The easy solution to this problem is to take the filter out, (refer to your owner manual for location of filter) and use a hard nylon brush to brush the dirt and lint off of it.

The last common problem is the rubber belt which goes from the motor to the beater brush and spins the brush. The brush helps to pick up dirt so if the belt is broken and it's not spinning it will seem as if you have lost suction. You will have to refer to your owner manual for your specific vacuum to find the procedure for replacing the belt. I will give you a general description of how to do it.

Turn your vacuum cleaner over so that you are able to get to the bottom of it. In many cases there are [censored] s holding the bottom on. Remove these [censored] s and take the bottom off exposing the beater brush. Slide the beater brush out, the belt will be wrapped around one end of it, stretching back to a metal piece that comes out of the motor. If the belt broke it most likely will still be in there. Take the new belt and put it on the motor piece first and then around the beater brush, you will have to pull to stretch the belt and line up the ends of the beater brush with the slots and slide it back in. Put the bottom back on and you're ready to go again.

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